Dining Options for an Exquisite Palate

A creative variety of culinary highlights await your discerning palate at the various dining options within Carlton City Hotel Singapore. Whether it's a leisurely indulgence, a quick picker-upper or light refreshment, you'll be spoilt for choice with our restaurants offering a buffet of cuisines for your selection.

hotel lounge and bar
Housed in the hotel’s lobby, The Trading Floor is a stunning lounge and bar that combines both work and play.
cafe with natural daylight
Tuxedo cafe is an airy, sunlit space that pays an elegant tribute to the European tradition of coffeehouses.
Surrounded with lush greenery and bathed in natural sunlight, Plate is a vibrant and contemporary restaurant that offers some of the finest culinary creations.
graffiti sky bar - rooftop bar in singapore
A stunning view of the city skyline greets you as you step into the Graffiti Sky Bar while our selection of lovingly created cocktails ensures you are suspended in a state of bliss.
hotel room service
Carlton City offers the comfort and convenience of private dining in your own room or suite.