Your personal connection at your fingertips

You are never far away from your family and friends when you stay at Carlton City. Enjoy seamless connectivity and convenience at all times with complimentary unlimited 3G, local and international calls* when you stay with us.


All guestrooms are provided with personalised handy smartphones to enhance your stay in Singapore. Explore the city with interactive maps and city guides, and find out more about the hotel’s on-going promotions, facilities and dining options.


To ensure privacy and protection, all personal data, login passwords, browsing history, other usages records and additional applications downloaded will be deleted from the device upon check-out.


*Complimentary international calls are applicable to Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Japan and Australia are for landlines only. Charges for lost or damaged smartphones are applicable as follows:

Condition Price (SGD)
Lost / Stolen Device, Water / Liquid Damage 450
Cracked LCD Screen 120
Cracked / Broken / Scratched Shell 90
Lost / Broken Case 23
Lost / Broken Battery Door, Lost Battery 30
Lost Phone Dock or Stand 23
Lost Charger 23
Lost Charging Pin 8
Lost Cable 8