Singapore River

The famous quays at Singapore River are where it all began. In the early days, the mouth of the river was the old Port of Singapore and all ships had to sail pass the river to reach the godowns and shophouses at Boat Quay. Spot a number of sculptures that depict the colourful history and romantic history of the river around the area.

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Close to the Central Business District, Boat Quay is often packed with corporates looking for a night out after a day’s work. Lined with bars and restaurants, the stretch offers stellar riverside dining with spectacular views of the city skyline.
Party animals congregate at the multitude of clubs at Clarke Quay to dance the night away. From Zouk and Attica, this nightlife destination is packed with parties, live music and even riverboat dining. For thrill seekers, there is the human slingshot G-Max – a ride that launches you up at a terrifying speed of 120mph.
Despite the close proximity, Robertson Quay stands out from the other two as the quiet and refined spot for fine dining feasts and brunch sessions. It is not uncommon to find residents jogging down Robertson Quay at the break of dawn or families taking an evening stroll. Hipster cafes and gastropubs dot the serene neighbourhood, perfect for a day-out on a slow weekend afternoon.